Sunday, April 1, 2012

i'm back from Kukup, Malaysia! went there yesterday with the alumni band in the morning and had loads of fun there.. awesome holiday for sure.. i hope to go back there soon. it's so peaceful and enjoyable!

so what did we do there? when we first arrived there, we had our lunch at this place near our resort. the food was alright. Jaron and i were like still hungry even after lunch haha! we went to the resort to slack and look around after our lunch.. i was expecting something smaller but to my surprise it was bigger haha. slacked awhile and went out with Jaron, Madeline, Amanda and Wei Ling to get some food to eat.. we went to eat mango snow ice, kiwi snow ice and banana snow ice! it was really nice and different from what you can find in Singapore.. it costs RM4.50 only and that's like less than $2.50. we also ordered Rojak and Fries to go along with our snow ice..

after feasting on our food, we took our time and strolled back to the resort, waiting for our BBQ dinner. thank god Jaron brought his Macbook Pro or i'll be bored to death! having a laptop is sure convenient when you're going overseas! i should consider saving up for an Asus gaming laptop.. we had some games after dinner.. 1 of the games required us to wet our whole face and put into a bowl of uncooked rice! we had to transfer the rice on our face into another bowl and the team with the heaviest bowl wins.. it was really funny and fun to play HAHA. Jaron's face was so BIG and he got lots of rice on his face! after the games, we went to play with the Fireworks together at the other side of our resort.. it was fun and kind of scary at first when you have to light the firework.. Jaron took some videos and photos of us playing with the fireworks. i saw some of the photos and they were really nice! i hope he uploads them really soon! some of the girls were really scared to play with the fireworks and it was funny haha.. they also bought lanterns where we had to write our wishes on and later light it up and let it float up the sky.. we played until it was 2+am close to 3am and went back to our resort to rest!

we left Kukup today at 1.30pm and arrived at Yuying around 430.. some of them went to slack at Mcdonalds but i was too tired so i went home haha.. thinking back it was such a memorable holiday for me! really enjoyed myself although it was boring in between when we were waiting for activities to start.. i really hope to visit Kukup again with the alumni band! alright my tummy's growling i'm ma go find for some food! goodbyeeee :3

seeing you makes me really happy..

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