Thursday, April 26, 2012

i'm finally blogging again! was too tired and busy the previous days.. finally handed up my CCP project today. hopefully i don't screw it up :/ i'll be able to sleep early today like finally! i'm so damn tired.. i thought i could actually enjoy my weekends but i've to study for yet another upcoming progress test on Monday fml. Unit 4-6.. and on Thursday Unit 1-5. dafug.

i'll be going for my haircut tomorrow! yay, love haircuts. hahaha. no idea why :3 oh and i'm stuck in Dragon Age 2's Qun's boss. i keep dying like 21382164 times in a row! *facepalm* just downloaded an old school game Little Fighter 2! was playing it with Peng Wu at class today.. childhood memories man! used to play it everyday during primary school. it's 1050pm now and i think i'll be heading to bed soon. really tired today :( i've school tomorrow at 11am to 2pm. hopefully it won't be boring!

alright, i'm ma go bathe and sleep already! goodnight :3

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