Saturday, April 7, 2012

it's a boring Saturday today! Benz woke me up from bed today, kept whining until i woke up and gave him a hug.. he's still a baby. BIG one haha.

stayed home today until the evening and went to Peace Centre for drums.. was supposed to go for the interview for some advertisement at Dhoby Xchange but decided not to go. wasn't really interested in it afterall. went to eat at KFC after drums, yummy zinger meal with cheese fries :3 fat die me. went to walk around Dhoby Ghaut before heading home.. MW3 till now. i'm so bored. school on monday, fml.. why can't my holidays be just a little longer! what's more i've to report to school at 7.30 on monday. seriously why did i even join the student council for..

i guess i'll be staying home tomorrow to really relax myself before i go for school on monday.. i'm not looking forward for school :( what's more i've to concentrate more on my studies. previous term was so slacky.. regretted slacking so much. perfect GPA gone.. 3.7 now. urgh, gonna study hard! alright i'm ma go bathe and watch my teevee before i go to bed :3

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