Friday, April 27, 2012

good morning everyone! :3 just woke up not ago. gonna be studying POM again. Unit 4-6 test on Monday. my goodness. shall have my brunch soon and get started with POM. 

i guess i won't be going out today and tomorrow.. gonna be a good boy and stay at home to study. went for my haircut yesterday and i shaved my both sides :3 was actually tempted to cut a really short hairstyle. maybe the next time i would be trying out a new hairstyle :3

met Jaron and Myeong Seon yesterday at town. haven't seen these bitches for awhile :3 went down for drums yesterday at Peace Centre but Mr Nazreen said he told us lesson was on Saturday.. which he didn't. guess it was some miscommunication. anyway, there will be a make up lesson next Friday and Saturday. hopefully he doesn't forget it this time!!

alright i'm ma go have my brunch and start studying Unit 4 pretty soon! :3

i'm having weird dreams these days..

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