Wednesday, April 4, 2012

went out with Jaron and Myeong Seon today.. met them at Dhoby Ghaut MRT in the afternoon and had lunch at Just Asia.. Jaron brought his 5D Mark III out today, it looks really sexy! korean fag was late today! so i went to Plaza Singapura and took a walk. got myself a game Dragon Age II. it was on discount for only $30. so i got it.. just installed it and played it.. shall have a verdict on the game itself soon when i get into the story line.

after eating, we went to catch Warth of the Titans at 2.10pm.. the show was alright. nothing fantastic about it.. wasn't really informative when the movie was progressing :// i even got distracted.. after the movies, we went to LAN at some place near Dhoby Ghaut. this LAN had actually Battlefield 3 and had many popular games like Modern Warfare 3, Dead Island, NFS and Warhammer 40k. shall visit this LAN in the future! but i didn't really like the mices and keyboards they have there. it was kind of sucky and a little dirty.. but overall it was alright. Jaron later treated us to dinner at Ichiban Sushi. he used his master card that his dad gave him hahaha.. he eats A LOT i swear!

thinking about tomorrow, i've practice at NIE.. hopefully it won't be as boring as the previous practices :// i'm gonna meet Sherman at kovan first and shall head there together.. alright, i guess it's time for me to go to bed. time check 1.38AM.. mother of god i shall head to bed now! goodnight :3

although it was a short conversation, i still enjoyed it a lot..

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