Monday, April 2, 2012

oh my, i'm so tired today! i have been in front of my computer for the whole fucking day since i was awake.. god, i totally forgot about practicing my drums today -_- good fuck. not to mention i was supposed to go jog this week. i've never tried jogging around my house area.. shall do so tomorrow!

so what the FUCK have i been doing today? well, as i've said.. i have been in front of my computer the whole day and rotting at home :( played DiRt 3 today.. the game play is ok-ok only.. but the graphics are nice! need to get a controller because i can't drift properly with a keyboard especially in stunt races.. aigooo, i feel like a pathetic gamer seriously.. and my room's my "cave" and i'm the "cave man".. MW3 for another 2 hours straight, god my eyes are fucking tired and they are about to close already..

going out with Wee Cheng, Say Jong, Peng Wu and Bowen tomorrow for Dinner and Movies at Vivo City.. can't wait to meet them again! they are a bunch of crazy people i swear HAHA. this week's the last week of my holidays.. and why is everyone asking when my holiday is ending? spoils the mood seriously :'( i'm just going to go bathe and sleep already.. tired!

who needs a bunch of friends when you've got a few TRUE friends that would be there when you need them, just a few would be enough..

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