Thursday, April 5, 2012

hello! it's 2.18AM in the morning and i'm blogging right now.. i'm such a genius. reached home a few hours back.. went for practice at NIE. it was a little boring though :// got the trick, just don't follow him HAHA.

might be meeting Leon, Daryl and Daniel tomorrow for lunch and LAN.. may be meeting them only. not confirmed.. have some personal stuff to do at home. oh yeah, i'm supposed to sell my NIE tickets and i've like still 10 left :'( i've no idea who to sell the tickets too.. i guess i shall text everyone in my contact list..

i was playing Dragon Age II yesterday and it seems to be a really awesome game! i love the skills that the character has.. it's amazing haha.. shall play it again tomorrow :3 great buy for $30.. i vividly remember the price of the game was $50+.. definitely not regretting getting this game! gonna try DotA 2 tomorrow when i'm a little more "awake".. eyes are already closing and my bed's seducing me to get on it.. alright i shall go to bed now! goodnight :3

my mind is filled with images of you, you and you..

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