Tuesday, April 17, 2012

wanted to blog earlier just now but blogger's service wasn't available what shit -.- and when i launched Skyrim the service was back. nice try -.-

had school today.. well for CCP i just got my assignment today. ahhh, hopefully i don't screw this module up and i've only 10 days exactly to submit this assignment. hopefully i get it done ASAP and stop playing games on the computer.. now DiRt 3's being a bitch. wanted to play multiplayer with my sister and it just wouldn't load. re-installing it now. school's at 8am tomorrow.. EOP for the first lesson of the day and later at 12 we'll be heading down to Marina South Terminal. hopefully it wouldn't be boring. i heard Mr Ryan had met with an accident on his Bike.. so there will be relief teachers coming in for EOP class.. it's a 7 credit module and he's not available to teach us. what luck! get well soon Mr Ryan!

while waiting for DiRt 3 to be re-installed, i'm ma go wash up and get ready for bed at 11.. dead tired today although i slept early yesterday. i should start exercising more. unhealthy me.. goodnight! +_+

sometimes, it doesn't pay to be kind.. well technically all the time to be exact..

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