Thursday, April 19, 2012

hello, i'm blogging today once again! haha. didn't blog yesterday as i was really tired! great news, no school tomorrow! 3 periods of EOP tomorrow but there won't be any teacher coming in, so lesson will be cancelled. Awesome!! currently Simple Plan's Jet Lag has been on my repeat list.. really catchy song. great drum beats and fills (Y)! shall get Mr Nazreen to play this song tomorrow!

school started at 10am today. saw Weng Guan twice this week at Serangoon Circle Line haha! school was okay. had to decide on Principles of Marketing project. whether to choose Motorola or RS Components. i'll be teaming with Peng Wu & Say Jong for the project.. basically these two companies are more to the technology side.. it's better if you have some basic knowledge of technology and of course lots of research work to do on. hopefully it won't be a challenging project for us. 6 credits for POM. oh and i heard Mr Ryan will be leaving ITE for a job in China.. we will be getting a new EOP teacher next week. hopefully the teacher won't be as sucky as Mr Ryan. *prays hard* if only Ms Joyce could teach us for EOP! she's such an amazing teacher. my whole life studying as a student, i feel that she's the most caring, thoughtful and kind teacher i've ever met. she even taught us what Mr Ryan had covered for 1 week in just an hour. seriously i think she should be teaching us all the modules in ITE :3 damn, i sound so selfish.. but the whole class would agree to that! haha. not forgetting i've a progress test on unit 2 and 3 on next Monday. oh god, i've to start mugging this Saturday and Sunday. thought i could head down to Town this weekend but.. oh well i just have to mug hard and be ready for the test next Monday :// i really wish Ms Joyce would be able to teach us EOP :( she's like a second mother to me. i respect her for who she is!

alright i shall go brain storm for ideas for my CCP project due on the 28th! mother of god! @#%$!@$ hopefully i don't screw this module up!

and lastly to this slut,
"you're bunch are so immature"
if you've to guts to type it out, why don't you say it right at our faces?
oh please! before you insult us.. think if you've the qualities to do so.
even Ms Joyce says so "if you've the guts to say it, why don't you say it louder." applies to all keyboard warriors and pussies out there.

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