Monday, April 16, 2012

i'm back blogging today! haven't been blogging much lately.. had a concert yesterday that i participated in. it didn't really felt like a concert, more like a practice haha. there were not many people that attended the concert though..

came back from school today. class ended earlier as Mr Ryan wasn't here and PE was cancelled. so we got dismissed at 2 instead of 5 haha! there will not be any EOP class tomorrow.. so class starts at 10am again tomorrow. awesome! hopefully tomorrow will pass by quickly.. oh yeah and i've made a promise to myself. to sleep at 1130pm LATEST on weekdays. if i don't do so, i won't be able to concentrate well in class.. slept at 1130 yesterday and i'm feeling great today!

school was like a Breeze today.. crazy weather though.. the sky was really dark and it seemed like it was going to rain but it didn't :/ weird weather today. had lunch in school for only $3 including drinks! i'm ma save up to get a new monitor for myself! most probably a 20 inch LED monitor. if you don't have a powerful graphics card don't get a huge monitor it'll be an overkill. i'm using a GTX 560ti and i don't even go above the 22 inch mark. planning to get another GTX 560ti to run it in SLI mode. time to save up $! i heard the new Ivy Bridge Processors are coming out very soon this month! can't wait to see how good they are. Intel's a killer whereas AMD's a complete bum!

alright i'm ma go have my dinner now and continue on with Dragon Age II. bye!

A box full of you.. sigh. 

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