Monday, April 30, 2012

hello. i'm feeling so tired today as usual :( my eye bags are like super heavy.. oh my i'm enjoying GG's Sub-Unit Taetiseo. they just released their MV :3 beautiful girls <3 just look at how attracting they are!

went to school today at 10am. there was supposed to be EOP today but Mr Faizal was sick so there was no lesson and S&W started at 1pm. school ended around 2 today. i swear my new S&W teacher's a fucking douche. he's very LAO LAN too.. fucking baldy with a beer belly -_-  he should really die i swear. thinking about the progress test this Thursday from Unit 1-6.. i shall see how much i can squeeze into my brain. especially when Unit 4's a bitch. got to get started tomorrow :3 hopefully i won't procrastinate much ://

after a productive game of MW3. rushed through this match. TEEHEE. shall end my post here and start raping the Taetiseo Music Video's replay button :3

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