Friday, March 30, 2012

bababa, got my haircut today! it's so short now.. nvm it'll grow! Kukup trip tomorrow with the alumni band! yesssss! finally a holiday for me to enjoy and not rot at home all day :3

i went out today in the afternoon the get my haircut and went home to have a cup of coffee.. went out in the evening to meet Leon and Daryl.. Leon's going to thailand tomorrow haha hope he has fun! for Daryl, performance at some Touch shit event LOL. he said i was going to Putput :( not Kukup.. bloody asshole he is. played LAN together DotA and L4D2.. shit happens when we are trolling in L4D2.. went home after LAN as all of us were really tired.

bought DiRt 3just now for only $45. there were crazy offers so i got it! installing it now.. gosh the updates are taking FOREVER.. i just want to play the fucking game. stop updating -__-! forget it, i'm ma go take a bath and come out laterrrrrrrrrr. goodbyeee!

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