Wednesday, March 28, 2012

omg i'm so bored right now.. staying at home for 3 days straight already. am rotting quite badly! i've received news that the results will be out tomorrow for the March exam series.. omg i'm so excited yet nervous for it.. hopefully i'll be able to get 3.7GPA or more. it's going to be hard to maintain my 4.0GPA hopefully i don't drop too much :( wondering how i'll be able to sleep today.. results will be out tomorrow at 8am! hopefully i wake up earlier to check my results..

alright apart from my results tomorrow, i'll be going for a haircut this Friday! don't wanna have long and irritating hair when i'm going to Kukup.. oh yeah and i may not be able to attend this Friday's rehearsal at NIE because i've to help my dad with some stuff at home.. i may be meeting Jaron tomorrow to hang out for awhile because we are both BORED at home and are rotting haha.

well, that's it for today! i'm going to go take a bath and go to bed already haha! goodnightttttt.

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