Sunday, March 11, 2012

exams are finally over! have been slacking at home ever since. hopefully i get to find a job soon. have been dwelling over some matters recently. feeling so vexed. sigh..

well life has been really happening recently. seriously if you want to text me, reply me. or just gtfo. it's really irritating when you can Tweet with your fucking fingers and you can't actually reply me. and why do people actually say "i love you" when they don't actually mean it? it's fucking ironic. like come on seriously, it's disgusting!

went drinking with arshad, sayjong, fiona and clare yesterday! was awesome. i was nearly drunk! i'm so proud of myself for not being drunk though :3 got a slap from fiona on my right ear and it was like ringing damn badly! for a period i couldn't actually hear anything but when i woke up in the morning it was okay already. guess my cells died on me when i needed them x_x
alrighttttt, shall continue playing my games :3 BYEEEEEEEEEE.

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