Thursday, March 29, 2012

i got back my results today! i got 3.7GPA for this term :( dropped by 0.3 omg. i'm a little disappointed of myself. sigh. didn't manage to maintain the 4.0GPA. although i told my dad i got a drop by 0.3. he was still happy with my results.. he said "as long you've tried your best and put in effort to study son." sincerely fuck my computer. when there are exams coming, i'm going to lock it in the store room.. also because of the hectic schedule before my exams! there was debate, SHRI competition which was 40% of my HRA grade. thank god i got an A for HRA. fucking 7 credit units. i'm so going to work doubly hard this term! and get back that perfect score of 4.0GPA. i don't want to disappoint my parents any more, i want to be mature and make RIGHT decisions and not regret on them. 

thinking back when i was in secondary school, STUDYING was stupid. i hated studying a lot. partly because of my lousy secondary school. it's called Yuying Secondary School.  the teachers in the school were crappy. i fucking hated all of the teachers there.. basically they are a bunch of hypocrites. especially my chemistry teacher, Mr Danny Louis. well, some says that he's good.. but what do i say? he's BLACK and UNREASONABLE. i fucking hate him a lot. the teacher actually MATTERS a lot whether you'll be able to achieve the grades that you desire. fucked up bastards like this teacher for instance should really die and disappear from this world. 

so where did i go today? i went out with Jaron my hubby to catch a movie! it was none other than the Hunger Games! it was an awesome movie! my friends told me that the book was actually better. so, i've decided the get the 3 books from the Hunger Games! i've received information about the books that it comes in 3 and it's only $34. i'm going to get the books tomorrow! aigoo, after so long i've finally have the mood to actually read a book. well even my dad told me he was surprised haha. after the movies, we went for dinner at KouFu! Jaron said that it was "Budget Day" and didn't want to spend much HAHA. guess what! after dinner, he went to Orchard Ion to get his SHURE earpiece extenders that costs $139. yes, definitely a "Budget Day" haha! so after getting his stuff we went home! bounced back from Harbourfront to Punggol. 

i'll be going for my haircut tomorrow at 1pm! hopefully i'll be able to wake up early and not be late.. alright i guess i'll be heading to bed now. goodnighttttttttttttt.

disappointed with my results :'(

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