Sunday, March 25, 2012

it was a long day today.. definitely tiring. had to wake up at 8am today for NIE practice. it was alright but i felt a little bored right there. after practice at NIE i went for drums at Peace Centre @ Dhoby Ghaut! was a 2 hour lesson today because mr nazreen will be having a gig at Chinatown next Friday and he wouldn't be free to conduct lesson.

hmm so what did i do yesterday? went to buffet at Carousel. was ok-ok only. wasn't special in any way. their choices of food were not really appetizing though.. wasn't worth the $60 per pax. after the buffet i went to ACJC's funfair with wee cheng and peng wu. besides the games, we spent our coupons on the food instead haha. we were hungry and thirsty and we went around to hunt for food and drinks haha. met leon, daryl, daniel and weng guan for drinks later at Timbre. they ordered 2 pizzas and a pint of beer each. chat and chilled there for awhile and went off to LAN at POMO. played L4D2 again as usual haha. had fun LAN-ing with them and went home after that.

guess i'm going to have a game of MW3 first before turning in to bed? apart from MW3, the Nvidia drivers are causing the Battlefield 3 game to crash every 15 minutes. it's really killing my battle log scores. most annoying driver release ever. hopefully Nvidia solves this problem ASAP. fugging annoyed by this issue..

recently i've been thinking a lot and when i say a lot i really mean A LOT. lots of stuff bothering me. i need a long get away! perhaps to another country for a month or so? sounds like a really awesome plan.

Lastly, NEVER PROMISE SOMETHING and NOT DO IT. i thought you were different.. yeah, disappointing.

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