Tuesday, March 20, 2012

hello everyone i'm back to update my blog!

well as usual i've been going out and playing games at home recently. got my eyes on 2 new games Mass Effect 3 and Need for Speed, The Run! i've been thinking got getting these 2 games and a Xbox 360 Controller for my PC. if i'm not wrong it costs around $60 or more.. i'm so broke recently! well i've to pay $85 for the kukup trip with the alumni band on 30th of March -1st of April. guess i've to wait till next month in order to buy the controller and games..

apart from my boring gaming life, i've been thinking about a few things recently.. whether i've actually made the right choice in the beginning. sigh, what's done has already been done. no point dwelling on it. after all, the first is the most memorable and sweetest of all. i hope you're doing fine. i really do.. i nearly took up my phone and wanted to ask you out for lunch. i don't know why.. but i just didn't have the courage to do so..

i guess i'm gonna head to bed soon now! at 1am? goodbye!

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