Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i can't seem to fall asleep today.. still on my computer watching videos on youtube :// glued to my Razer keyboard which i'm in love with. the keys just feel so SOLID. a good gaming keyboard you should have but not the Razer mices though unless you're really that rich!

for the past few days i've been at home all day and i'm proud of myself for keeping the promises i've made to myself.. which is to STAY AT HOME! i'm wondering when my Tt eSports Black Mice will be coming! hopefully on the first day of school? i've seen the reviews of the particular mice and it just seems unbelievable!

now on to the games that i've got my eyes on, Mass Effect 3, Need for Speed: The Run, Dirt 3 and Dragon Age II. 4 games right there and i'm only going to get 2! tough choice to make.. i've not gotten my Xbox 360 Windows Controller yet :( it's $59.90 for the wired version and $69.90 for the wireless one. ahh, i'm going to be SUPER broke.

i've not been shopping for clothes recently and i would love to do so very SOON. how i wish i had a wardrobe full of different kinds of clothes.. and it's really hard to find a berms because of how small my waist is. went to almost all the shops and i couldn't find a berms that would fit me nicely :( i would love to get a few more pairs of jeans preferably Grey? hmm maybe. bought a pair of Nike shoes recently really awesome looking and it costs $119 only. it's really light and comfortable to wear.

alright, it's 1.45am already and i should be in bed already.. AIGOO, got to wake up tomorrow and help my dad with some stuff. hopefully i don't wake up having a bad headache! Goodnightttt.

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