Monday, March 26, 2012

yes i'm blogging today, again. when i'm bored or i feel like ranting out the stuff that's happening, i'll blog. YES, today was a horrible day to start. woke up feeling fine but after a few rounds of MW3.. got a slight headache and it soon got worse. it was like a shot to my head, right in the middle. i felt it when i was lying on my bed. i took a nap but the "nap" lasted for a few hours haha! woke up feeling better and went to get my Razer Arctosa keyboard at Compass Point! CyberActive is way cheaper than challenger. i checked the price yesterday at Challenger and it was $79.90. i went to CyberActive and it was $75 but i got it for $69 (Member Price).

so here are some awesome pictures of my Razer Arctosa Keyboard :3
AIGOO, my BlackBerry's camera is really shity i swear. doesn't give justice to this amazing looking keyboard! the keys are very nice and solid to type and game on. worth the price of $69! :)

oh yeah, i'll be going to Kukup Malaysia on the 31st this month for a 2 day 1 night trip with the alumni band! hopefully i enjoy myself.. *fingers crossed* alright i shall stop here and continue blogging tomorrow! :3 i'm gonna enjoy gaming on my Arctosa :3 bye!

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