Thursday, May 10, 2012

hello! my dad surprised with with a new watch yesterday night when he was back. he got me a new G-Shock watch from The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands's G-Factory. it's really stunning! here's a picture of it.. crappy quality :'( due to my lousy BlackBerry. shall upload a proper picture of it soon!

handed up my CCP assignment 2 today! was supposed to go to Daryl's house to take a picture of his baby cousin but due to fucked up reasons i didn't go. even borrowed my sister's camera for it and ended up wasting my fucking time. here's a picture of my mouse that i took using my sister's camera. it's so clear!
 i've always wanted to get my own DSLR but i'm just really bad at saving money :/ bad management of money here.. i'll take a clearer picture of my new watch soon!

after my CCP assignment, i'll have to continue on with my POM proposal.. it's never ending. after the proposal it'll be study time for CA1. *facepalm* busy month ahead. hopefully time passes quickly and i'll get to enjoy my holidays after my CA1. i'm currently reading the Hunger Games and i'm about half way through the book already.. haha. i don't usually read, unless i'm really interested in the title! i'm getting tired really easily these days. i guess it's time for me to do some exercise on my own! no S&W for next week too D:

alright i ma go take my bath and head back to the Hunger Games!

don't fucking promise something you can't do.

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