Friday, November 4, 2011

well, had the mood to blog today! practically it's a holiday for ITE students because of some award ITE won.. LIKE A BOSS. played GunZ in the morning. owned this guy 24-6. basically he's an old player, like a "legend" and he whined like a baby saying i was hard to kill. sad, he can't aim :/ come on i died 6 times. it is possible to kill me. just that YOU can't aim -_-

went to meet david, his brother and this girl from yuying band. well, we practically slacked like a cow at 313, cineleisure and paragon. went for drums in the evening. god shit it was boring, practically teaching on grade 3 solo techniques -_- just fucking triplets and triplets all over the kit.

a big thank you to wei ting for cheering me up with her long winded text messages.. haha she's naggy :x all right, such end my post here. i've got dinner at aunt's place tomorrow. hopefully everything goes fine tomorrow.

life's a bitch..

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