Tuesday, November 15, 2011

it's been a few days since i last blogged. well, basically i got a hair cut on last saturday. felt that it was long and i couldn't stand it no longer. well, i'm kind of scared for the Debate Interview this coming thursday. although i talk a lot, i kind of freeze up in formal and serious sessions. well, i've got to try my best! good news for HRA CA1, unit 1-2 only. bad new for TPS CA1 unit 1-5. what the fug. yes, i'm going to die already.

why's the teacher making our lives so miserable. beech die already. oh yeah and fug my LPD teacher. he's some egoistical deek i swear. his ego bubble is really big BUT too bad, i burst it already. swear he's a deek. if he wants the respect? fugging earn it you bugs bunny teeth face :B


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