Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what a tiring day today. just came back from school not long ago. had to usher the parents for Parent Teacher Conference. was kind of slacky and boring. saw Bowen's parents! haha, i feel that his father doesn't sound as formal as Bowen is. Bowen should learn from his dad! got to start memorising for thursday and friday's progress test. hell lot of memorising work for HRA. surprisingly, i'm not that worried for SVE. oh well, got to get back to my books and start memorising more for HRA. hopefully i get it into my brain and it stays in until friday for the progress test. i'm installing a new software on Gigabyte GT 220 Ddr3 1GB graphics card. well the programme says that these updates would help the new Battlefield 3 to perform better. hmm, we shall see when i get the game installed, but i'll be getting a new OEM windows 7 home premium/ultimate before installing it. kudos to my dad! :B h3h3h3. oh and everyone's asking me what h3h3h3 is. basically it's "hehehehe" replacing the "e"s with "3"s. just find it unique, h3h3. alright enough typing already, got to get into the BOOKS.

p.s how i wish they were BOO(B)S. h3h3.

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