Monday, October 24, 2011

just created a new blog. needed something i could throw everything up on, so yeah i created a new blog. i deleted the old one. was thinking my url was kinda kinky or so. but who cares. well, went to school today for a seminar and we had to dress in formal wear. the seminar was kinda boring and i was kind of day-dreaming during the seminar. went to Buangkok Medical Green Park also known as Institute of Mental Health (IMH). LPD project on depression. well we got a rough idea on what to do for the upcoming project. this term is full of PROJECTS. got to get my "A"s to maintain my 4.0GPA. well at least 3.5 and above probably 3.8/3.9? got to strive harder and YES, i've got to obviously cut down on my computer games that i'm amazingly addicted too. well, got to study later at 7pm. progress test on service excellence and human resource on this thursday and friday. god, this is tiring.

well, i guess you've found someone else to replace me. nice.

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