Thursday, June 7, 2012

hello! i haven't been blogging recently because i've been caught up with my hectic school work. first up was the POM marketing proposal, CCP assignment 3 and 4 and lastly the POM CA1. finally all these school work are done! POM CA1 was yesterday and it's over already! but there's still school ToT my holiday mood is already here! last day of school is on the 15th this month! and HOLIDAAAAYSSSS! really can't wait for it to come already! :3 and my Diablo 3 copy isn't here yet :( ughh, i'm going to call Gaming Era up to ask about my game. dad ordered it and it was supposed to be here this monday :( boohoo.

there's school tomorrow and i'm feeling a little hesitant not to go to school. Myeong Seon's going off to Korea tomorrow and he's not coming back to Singapore anymore :( i'm going to send him off tomorrow at the airport.. hopefully he comes back to Singapore soon! :( i'll be missing him a lot! lots of good memories in secondary school with him!

alright, i ma end my post here and go to my gamesssssssssss. buh-bye.


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